Young Livings Aromalux Atomizing Diffuser

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Young Livings Aromalux Atomizing Diffuser Description

Designed by D. Gary Young and available exclusively through Young Living, the AromaLux incorporates BioGeometry proprietary design principles, technology and features to simplify and enhance the aromatherapy experience. The AromaLux utilizes a robust array of settings, including a master timer control off switch with 1-10 hours of diffusion; vapor volume control; diffusion run timer (1-20 minutes); diffusion pause timer (1-20 minutes); and 5 different LED display light settings. Accommodates 5-ml and 15-ml Young Living essential oil bottles. The AromaLux can transform any space into an inviting, aroma-filled atmosphere. Please be aware this product has volume behind it and may be too loud for some people or small places. There is an option to turn off the motor sound if this is an issue.

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