California Baby Bath Drops – Eucalyptus Ease – 1 oz

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California Baby Bath Drops – Eucalyptus Ease – 1 oz Description

California Baby Bath Drops are a unique combination of aromatherapy essential oils and a special lecithin (safflower source) that mixes oil and water. Since essential oils are very concentrated plant extracts, all but a few (like pure tea tree, lavender and chamomile) may not be used directly or come into contact with the skin unless it is mixed with a ‘carrier oil’ or a buffer/dispersing ingredient like the special lecithin; the lecithin does not reduce the aromatherapy value, it simply allows you to add several drops to a tub of bath water and disperse it throughout. The California Baby Eucalyptus Ease aromatherapy blend can be called upon anytime you feel your resistance slipping and you want to slow down to regain your healthy footing, it works to promote a sense of general well being and to soothe mind and body. Hardworking oils of Eucalyptus and Douglas Fir combine to create an energizing aurora. Designed to be added to a warm bath, mixed with massage oil.

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